Press Release 2014

Innovative Design Company Promotes Conscious Consumerism with Launch of Handmade Leather Accessories Collection

Burgundy Assemblage, a new collaborative design company, has launched a website and online boutique featuring its inaugural collection of handcrafted fine leather bags and goods, and providing a unique transparent view of the source and creation of each product.

NEW YORK, NEW YORK – August 20th, 2014. Burgundy Assemblage, a New York-based collaborative design company, is pleased to announce the recent launch of its website and e-boutique, which features the “Checkmate Collection”: elegant, urban leather bags and multipurpose leather gadget sleeves. The collection is available at

Individually handcrafted in New York City, each leather bag and sleeve is composed of top-range materials carefully selected for their quality, durability, beauty and eco-friendly attributes. The Burgundy Assemblage website details the source of all materials used in the collection, and tells the creative journey of each product through photographs, illustrations and descriptions.

“We believe consumers should be allowed to make fully conscious choices about the products they buy,” says designer Lan Peng, Burgundy Assemblage’s co-founder, “That’s why we are transparent about where and how we sourced our materials and craft our products. We think that with this detailed, behind-the-scenes look, consumers will be more attuned the exceptional quality and beauty of our products, and may even become more mindful of the caliber of other products they purchase.”

The Checkmate Collection, so-named because of the geometric theme represented in each piece, currently consists of four pieces: Edward, a voluminous, sophisticated calfskin leather drawstring bag that beautifully serves either as a sports or weekend bag; Bloop, a spacious cylindrical-shaped drawstring handbag; Deok, a brightly-colored, multipurpose gadget sleeve fashioned of felt wool and aged leather, and lined in soft Burgundy suede; and Jun, the twin of Deok, except it features a magnetic snap closure.

The collection reflects Burgundy Assemblage’s high standards for excellent craftsmanship and artistry, and effective collaboration with diverse group of individuals. “Consistent with our company’s mission, each piece of the Checkmate Collection was created in collaboration with insightful individuals both inside and outside the design and fashion community,” says Akram Aghbal, Burgundy Assemblage co-founder. “The result exceeded our expectations. Each bag, each sleeve is a more beautiful, functional, and original piece thanks to the collective vision and experience of our collaborators.” The Checkmate Collection is available at  


Burgundy Assemblage is a collaborative design company and community in New York City. Founded by designers Lan Peng and Akram Aghbal, Burgundy Assemblage’s mission is to design and create high- quality, handmade leather bags and accessories in collaboration with an array of visionaries, artists, artisans and ordinary consumers. The company seeks to promote greater understanding of the art of design and craftsmanship by inspiring people to witness and engage in the creative process.


Lan Peng was born in Taiwan and raised in Vancouver, Canada. She received a BFA in Visual Fine Arts at University of British Columbia in Vancouver and moved to New York in 2007 to study Graphic Design at Parsons. It was there she realized that design can reach and serve a wider range of audience and consumers than “traditional” art, and thus became energized to use design as an artistic medium to influence and inspire others.

Moroccan-born Akram Aghbal grew up in France and moved to New York City in 2006. Akram’s exposure to the rich and diversified forms of art in Moroccan and French culture fed his desire to search for an individual and distinctive voice through fashion. Although never formally trained in design, he was always drawn to the making of things, viewing every step of creation as a beautiful act akin to a performance. When he learned that Lan was equally appreciative of the design in seemingly ordinary objects and moments, he embraced the journey of becoming a designer.

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