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The Singular Intersection of Art and Science | New York City

We are pleased to announce our first pop-up exhibition of the Pi Collection, a handcrafted leather bag and accessory line inspired by the mathematical constant and irrational number, π. The event will kick off on National Pi Day, March 14 (3/14) at 1:59 pm at 345 Broome Street, New York City and run through Monday, March 18th. Everyone is welcome, especially fans of design, art, fashion, and science.

The exhibition will feature all 8-pieces of the Pi Collection, highlighting the unique concept and stories behind each one. The goal is not only to introduce the Collection to those who may not know it but to help people visualize the integral role pi plays the product line and to celebrate the often-unrecognized friendship between science and design. 

“The Pi Collection might never have been, but for an extraordinary conversation we had with a scientist friend about pi and its relationship to geometry and the infinite. We immediately knew we wanted to incorporate pi into our designs,” says Lan Peng, co-founder of Burgundy Assemblage. “With this exhibition, we want to express our interpretation of pi in a larger space and bring others into the world of pi.”

Customers at the exhibition will be fully immersed in the concept of pi. Each piece of the Collection will be displayed in graphic illusions that accentuate the integration of pi throughout the assemblage. Working in conjunction with Moonstruck Films, the gallery space will feature pi-inspired curves on the walls and floor and will display other illusions that reference the infinite. During certain times of the day, the cellist and composer Ken Kuo will play a piece based on the numbers of pi while the performance artist Gabriela Alvarado will use her body to interact in free-form, non-verbal style to encourage customers to consider the products from different perspectives. 

Naturally, multiple types of “π” pie will be served along with beer and wine. Media members will also receive goodie bags sponsored by Ecard Inc and TOSSWARE. 

 “We hope this event will guide customers to see the beauty and detail of our products in a fresh light and begin to recognize the role pi plays in our everyday lives,” says Adrian Aghbal, co-founder of Burgundy Assemblage. “We want customers to feel the awe of the implications of pi, just as we did when we created the Collection. Simply put: pi is everywhere.” 

The exhibition will run in New York for 3 days and 14 hours, from Thursday, March 14 until Monday, March 18thIn June, the exhibition travel to Shanghai, China to be featured at the Aurora Museum on the waterfront of The Huangpu River. The exhibition’s third stop will be in Umeå, Sweden later in the year. 


Pi Exhibition New York City | Trailer