Burgundy Assemblage is a wondrous collection of beautifully handcrafted fine goods that blend aesthetics with functionality. Each product is made from the highest-quality materials and meticulously designed, cut and fashioned in the heart of New York City. 


Our mission is to promote greater understanding of the art of design and craftsmanship through inspiring and motivating consumers to engage in the creative process. It is our hope that by witnessing and participating in the process of creation, consumers will develop a deeper appreciation for both the function and beauty of design, enabling them to see even the most ordinary objects in a whole new light.


We document and share the stories of our products’ development with our audience. From idea germination to concept formulation; from designers’ sketches to the artisan’s virtuosity, we reveal the creative journey of each Burgundy Assemblage product, allowing you to savor the fine details and painstaking effort that is wrought in every timeless piece. 


We encourage anyone and everyone who desires to share an idea,
vision, design, technique or other insight on a potential Burgundy Assemblage product to join our community. Collaboration brings greater innovation
and greater results. Moreover, we think you’ll find that witnessing the breadth of a creative process will help you to truly see the beauty in the details.



Burgundy Assemblage was founded by designers Lan Peng and Adrian A. Aghbal. After meeting in New York City in 2007, the two were drawn together by their mutual passion for art and design, and frustration with the rigid elitism of the art world. They founded Burgundy Assemblage in 2013 to create a space where they could design and showcase beautiful, high-quality products on their own terms, as well as inspire, encourage and nurture creativity and collaborative learning in others.