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Studio Dialogue Dairy

It’s a typical day at the studio. Lan is outside chasing flies. Akram is indoors catching up on the latest in soccer related news. Denys is sitting quietly observing the two. She sits up and decides to start an open dialogue...

D: Lan, how do you feel about the upcoming 2nd year anniversary?
L: Like for real? Um how do I feel? One thing I feel is it really 2nd year? And then omg I made it and that I can continue. I feel like we should celebrate the moment because we are unsure about next year.
Denys laughs.
L: No for real. So sad.
D: Akram, how do you feel about the upcoming 2nd year anniversary?
L: He’s like are we doing it really?
A: I don’t know...I feel like it’s an achievement. 2 years is not easy. The hardest year, this is harder than first year.
L: It’s because we are expanding.
A: It’s mixed feelings.
L: Yesterday I woke up and I felt like omg can’t believe we are having it. Just haven’t thought what’s real. Feels not real. Maybe until it happens or it is finished. Be like ooh okay, doesn’t matter if people come or not.
A: If no one shows up it’s fine with me, totally fine. Having this event makes us looks good.
Lan laughs.
A: We can do a fake event and use photoshop.
Lan laughs again.
L: For our own vanity. Art is never for others anyways. Just do the right thing. When you do the right thing how can we ever be wrong.
D: Lan how do you feel today?
L: You mean today like when I wake up today?
D: No like just in general.
A: Hyper?

L: I had a really good sleep and in a good mood. This week I did a lot of gifs.
A: You’re GIF expert.
L: Yeah haven’t done gif in a long time. Feels good about myself. Good. Create something new.
D: Akram what do you want to do this summer?
A: Good question. Probably want to go to Europe.
L: I want to go to Sweden.
A: We could go to Sweden more likely than Asia.
L: Let’s go to Sweden to see the Northern Lights.
D: Oh no, I don’t think I would want to go. I would go crazy.
L: WHY??
D: Because I like to plan my trips and you’re too spontaneous.
L: Aghbal likes to plan.
A: Yea I like to plan my trips.
L: He plans every hour.

We all resume back to our work activities. After some light discussion about planning for the event...

L: We need to have plants, what do you think?
A: Okay.
L: I think plants is an important element especially since it’s summer right now. Vivid. I like the calmness of Denys.
D: Of me?
L: I think if there is a God, he made sure you are a part of this group and we will be okay.
Akram cries.
L: Is that why you’re crying?
A: I’m crying because we don’t have a microwave here.
Lan bursts out laughing
L: We only need microwave because Denys had a cold last week.
A: But we still need a microwave.

L: I only care about my flies. By the way, I think what I said was beautiful. Doju must really want to be a part of this right now. Open space, it’s what she’s good at.
Lan wails.
D: We can include her no?
L: Yea but she’s busy packing.
D: We can have one of those ipad robots, have you seen those before.
L: Ipod robots? Ipad robots? What’s that. Why, are we going to have one?
D: It’s like when you hook an ipad to an automatic scooter type thing. And then Doju can live stream and control from her side. You never seen those before?
A: What’s ipad robot, wasn’t listening
L: Denys, brand manager!! Are you okay with these hands? When you have a moment come over here.
Denys gets up and walks over to Lan’s work station.
D: Yea those are good.
L: Okay thank you brand manager!
Lan laughs as Denys walks back to her desk.
D: Lan in 5 minutes we are going to get lunch.
L: Can I have 10 minutes please, let me finish this photo almost done.
D: Okay.
Lan laughs.
L: Ooooookay.

Akram is busy eating his lunch and humming along to the song on the radio.

L: Oh when are you going to post this hand. It’s already 3 o’clock. Damn it. We need to figure out the content before you go. Are we…?
D: Are we what?
L: Um are we going to have RSVP, if so what is that for. No, we probably don’t need it. Yea...we don’t need. The questionnaire, the Q&A what is that for. Is that for people to ask. Oh are we posting the Q&A?
D: I think so.
L: Oh that’s cute! For social media?
D: Yea.
L: Ohh, that’s smart. Aghbal you were talking about the interaction thing on Monday.
A: What?
L: Are they doing stamping here or something. Or we can have them help us stamp the packing. How about process of packing?
D: Okay.
L: That’s nice. We teach them how to pack. Oh, no we already folded all the paper. Aghbal are you finished with the first 200 prints of the thank you card.
A: Yea.
L: I was thinking from now on for example we can have a system standing.
A: Okay.
L: Oh yeah we can have them help us to do that no? I don’t know if it’s a good idea. We would have to fold all those thank you cards. Oh my god…
D: Let’s get lunch in 5.
Lan gasps.
L: Oh, okay almost done.
A: You have to get your lunch or you’ll never leave.
D: I know right.
A: She will push you to 5.
D: Lan what do you feel like eating today?
L: Whatever.
D: Okay.
Lan claps her hands.
L: Yeah I’m done with 3 photos. I’m ready. I’m ready when you’re ready.D: Okay let’s go.

Denys and Lan go to get lunch.


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