Creation involves multiple voices, ideas, talents and hands. Anyone, no matter their background, has the potential to provide valuable contributions to the design and creation process. Each contribution made is essential to form the whole and is deserving of respect and recognition. For this reason, we are proud to acknowledge, promote and demonstrate our deepest appreciation for all those who are part of this journey.


The Assemblage


Katarzyna Gruda, Bill Hovard, Leah CaplanManuel Piña and Yutien Peng


Yan PengMr. Na and Mrs. Na


Mie Lee and Fred Tsia


Barbara Diggs, Carlie McCarthy, Kelly Chan and Teff Lan


Denys Yin, Jesse Hsu, Jae Kim, Lan Peng and Adrian Akram Aghbal


Alex Elchehimi and Jae Kim


Alexis Gonzalez Hidalgo, Claire Thronton, Candy Yuen, Daviana Martinez, Hooman Pishdad, Hwan Park, Issam Htiti, Joey Alvarado, Jessie Wang, Karine Nedoncelle, Lijhen Chen, Michael Fun, Marta Pedreño, Paul Awa, Ron Lee, Tristan Waikong, Vanessa Rodriguez and Yie Kim.


Burgundy Assemblage products are meticulously handcrafted by Mr. and Mrs. Na in New York City. With over 30 years experience in high fashion brands, their expertise and luxury craftsmanship allow designers and artists’ imaginations to come alive.


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