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BAssemblage Explore Waist Bag Design | Shanghai

You are invited to #BAssemblage first creative gathering. The event will take place at Burgundy Assemblage's Atelier in Shanghai.

Come up with an idea of your ideal waist bag, bring samples, sketches, materials, bags or a photo references if you have any. or just consumer insights of your own.

 To RSVP please email us at 

Address: 3F, No.6, Alley 228, Anfu Road, Xuhui District Shanghai 

Our mission is to promote greater understanding of the art of design and craftsmanship through inspiring and motivating consumers to engage in the creative process. It is our hope that by witnessing and participating in the process of creation, consumers will develop a deeper appreciation for both the function and beauty of design, enabling them to see even the most ordinary objects in a whole new light.