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Edward and Bloop Bags


Our Edward and Bloop bags were born of the same two sparks of inspiration: a small vintage jar spotted at a Manhattan flea market, and a colorful hand-knitted drawstring bag from an aboriginal village in Taiwan. Delighted by the cylindrical shape, functionality, and simple beauty of these objects, we began to envision a stylish, everyday bag that embodied these characteristics. And so we designed what would become Edward and Bloop.


Mood Board

The inspiration board served as a blueprint for 2014 Checkmate Collection's tone of voice. It consists of geometric urban objects and their relative environments.


Shape & Form

The structures of Bloop and Edward were inspired by a small hand-knit drawstring bag from an aboriginal village in Taiwan in 2012 (right) and a vintage jar spotted in a Manhattan flea market  in 2011.

The Mates

Edward became a sports bag when an athletic friend, Yan Peng, expressed his desire for the perfect gym bag. He sought a fashionable bag with substantial volume that did not resemble a conventional gym bag. He also wanted it to complement his appearance, whether he was wearing a formal suit or jeans and a T-shirt, and to be able to carry it in multiple ways. As we began to design Edward, we realized his perfect bag was a masculine form of Bloop. And so the two became mates.

Design Collaborator

Yan Peng shared his insights on the functionality of an athletic bag and where utility should meet design. A good design should always serve a purpose.

Sketches & Dummies

 These serve as a means to graphically and physically evaluate the ideas of the design and determine the exact measurements of each part of the bag. Digital renderings help to visualize the envisioned proportions and color combinations.

Mockup & Trimming

We use any materials and tools available to create a mockup: we pin fabrics together, sew patterns togethers, tape zippers and glue trimmings onto the bag. Just make it happen!


Both Bloop and Edward are the product of multiple voices: all those who tested the bags, gave us feedback and made suggestions for changes or modifications. We have no doubt that this collaborative effort, particularly that with Yan, made Edward and Bloop more thoughtful and insightful creations.

Crafters' Hands

 The crafters meticulously align layers of leather, padding, lining and trimming to create a perfect cylinder for Edward.

Handcrafting Straps

The straps' holes are created manually with a hole punch and hammer. The steel board is used to reduce the noise and maximize the punch strength.

The Trim

The piping around Edward's base secures the cylindrical shape of the body as well as accentuates the bag's urban look.