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Jun and Deok Sleeves


It all started with the wool felt. The moment we laid eyes on its range of brilliant colors and felt its rich, thick texture, we were gripped with the idea of creating something from this wonderful material. We grew even more determined after learning that Merino wool felt is the oldest unwoven fabric, and has a number of impressive properties, including that it is durable, shock resistant, water-repellant and germ-free.

Wool Felt Research

Felt wool's vibrant colors motivated us to explore the ways in which this ancient sustainable fabric has been used since 700 BC. After researching its history from Odysseus’ felt-lined helmet to Josef Beuy's felt suits, we were impelled to embark on our own felt journey.

Daily Essentials

Thanks to its many excellent qualities, including durability, shok resistance, water repellence and anti-microbial properties, we determined that Merino wool felt was the ideal choice to protect our daily essentials.


Crafting sleeves for electronic gadgets, we decided, would be the best way to take advantage of this material’s excellent characteristics. Desiring a sleek look, we thought to pair the wool felt with leather and add a handy external pocket, broadening the sleeve’s usage.

Leather Sourcing

Finding the perfect leathers to go with the vibrant colors of wool felt is an ongoing and painstaking process.

Dummy & Rendering

Rendering serves as a quick way of graphically and physically evaluating design ideas and determining the exact measurements for each element of the sleeves. Digital renderings help to visualize the envisioned proportions and color combinations.

Lining Selection

We took our crafter's advice to use suede lining for Jun & Deok to maximize a clean cut and avoid the fraying common in other materials. We are extremely grateful for his expertise. Collaboration leads to perfection!


The sleeves exceeded our expectation – thanks to our collaboration with our invaluable crafters. It was their insight and experience that brought the burgundy suede lining to the sleeves instead of our signature yellow cotton. Rightly, they pointed out that suede creates a sleeker look, has a cleaner cut and accentuates the simplicity and elegance of the sleeve’s design. The subtle magnetic closure of the Jun sleeve is also a result of crafter's inspired creativity and diligent research.


 Crafters' Hands

Every step of creating Jun & Deok from layering, gluing and cutting the fabric to stamping the leather with our brand name is done with extraordinary care and love. Creation is our passion and our joy.

The Naming

We named these sleeves Deok and Jun in tribute to our crafters, and to show that we value their time and the superior quality of their work. For the Sungs, work is not just about making money, but about expressing and sharing a passion. We can see that they derive happiness from every cut and stitch they make. It’s a beautiful attitude and that beauty is reflected in the final product.